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Information papers

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Local government area boundaries in Scotland: 1995 onwards File icon
Local government electoral arrangements in Scotland: 1995 onwards (document under review following 5th Reviews of Electoral Arrangements) File icon
The Commission: a general guide File icon
Quick Guide: Local government in Scotland File icon
Quick Guide: Electoral reviews File icon
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Research Papers

Research into councillor role and workload was commissioned to inform future electoral reviews and was published in 2017 File icon

Boundary Reviews

Past reviews by the Commission
List of all Commission review reports File icon
Lists of local authority wards in Scotland from 2016 can be found under Fifth Statutory Reviews of Electoral Arrangements.
The Commission does not hold current electorate figures for wards. These can be obtained from the relevant page of the National Records of Scotland (formerly the General Register Office for Scotland) website:

Finance and Management

Annual Report 2017-18 File icon
Corporate Plan 2018-21 File icon
Management Statement and Financial Memorandum File icon
All finance and management documents

Commission meetings

Meeting Papers


Members' Code of Conduct issued by Scottish Ministers File icon
Commission's Supplementary Code on Roles and Responsibilities File icon
Commissioners' Register of Interests File icon
Equality Statement File icon
Risk Management Policy File icon
Guide to Information available through our Freedom of Information publication scheme File icon
Scottish Information Commissioner's Model Publication Scheme File icon
Twitter Policy File icon
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