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Administrative area reviews 1995 to 2006

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This page contains links to the reports and resulting Statutory Instruments from Administrative Area Reviews which we carried out between 1995 and 2006 on the unitary local authorities which were established by the Local Government etc (Scotland) Act 1994.

In each case, the Statutory Instrument implements our recommendations as they were made. These reviews were conducted in order to consider the boundary of local authority areas. Where a review recommended an amendment to the boundary, it also recommended corresponding changes to the corresponding electoral wards for the local authorities.

Detailed verbal descriptions and maps of each boundary change are contained in the reports and Statutory Instruments listed below.

The reports are available in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. Details of how to handle PDF files, and in particular large PDF files such as those on this website, are available in the Technical section of our Frequently Asked Questions.

No Report
Local authorities Location Report Statutory
A00001 Nov 2000 Argyll and Bute
West Dunbartonshire
Ardoch Sewage Works File icon SSI 2002/155 1 June 2002
A00002 Nov 2000 Aberdeen City
Blackburn File icon SSI 2002/154 1 June 2002
A00003 Nov 2000 Glasgow City
Braehead File icon SSI 2002/156 1 June 2002
A00004 Nov 2000 West Lothian
City of Edinburgh
West Farm, Broxburn File icon SSI 2002/157 1 June 2002

All review reports | 1973-76 | 1977-94 | 1995-2006 | 2007 onwards

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